Missy Industry

Long-term readers of Wyrd Words & Effigies will know, all too well, just how picky I am when it comes to jewellery. To feature something on this space I really, really have to love it.

Missy Industry is an independent jewellery business, run by the extremely talented Melissa “Missy” Lafrenière. Melissa has an online store, an Etsy shop and a boutique in her home of Montreal where she sells her wares.

I’m in absolute awe of the craftsmanship and passion that goes into each and every one of Melissa’s pieces. It’s clear that this is one woman who is utterly devoted to her work – every last detail is taken into consideration, even down to the wonderfully insightful product descriptions. Here are some words from the lady herself about her inspirations and how she makes her jewellery.

I make each piece by hand starting with sterling silver sheet and wire which I saw, file, shape, rivet and solder into rings, pendants, earrings and bracelets. I mold the first piece to make a small production or make just one unique piece for custom orders. The jewelry has a dark, oxidized finish to bring out the textures and keep it looking great forever. Pre-tarnished, you could say. It looks handmade but also precise and industrial. Antique yet futurist. I’m inspired by electronic music, heavy metal fashion, rebels, sharp objects, fears, tattoos, witchcraft, tribes… Handmade on the Darkside! Melissa Lafrenière

Below you’ll find some of my favourite pieces, all of which are currently available to buy. Just click on the image to be taken directly to the Missy Industry online store.


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