Ovate Has Released A New Menswear Collection

Men, get your wallets ready – Ovate has released a brand new collection just for you. I’m loving everything about this collection, but have a real soft spot for the Long Hooded Cardigan and the Linen Raw Edge Scarf.

12065887_1077851352225433_2735837609251285979_n 12118795_1077851458892089_3304040499925461137_n 12140761_1077851402225428_8948090964015441735_n 12189992_1077851288892106_543010672851394666_n 12190011_1077851582225410_2570990809208781974_n 12191000_1077851942225374_8625809565775722728_n 10390564_1077851815558720_8504436216816622675_n 12065887_1077851352225433_2735837609251285979_n 12118795_1077851458892089_3304040499925461137_n

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