Sisters Of The Black Moon Launch The SANGRE Y MAR COLLECTION

Sisters of the Black Moon have just launched their brand new collection, under the title SANGRE Y MAR. There’s plenty of comfortable, minimalistic and layerable pieces involved.

12185000_10153324854257266_5710956152714574511_o 12186534_10153324855187266_3005251647440207242_o 12188223_10153324854867266_1319829872182904685_o 12189221_10153324854397266_4312500163745227985_o 12045287_10153324856137266_1255898477317248129_o 12045498_10153324856002266_4244752557659851030_o 12182519_10153324853987266_8170979456162172325_o 12182931_10153324856147266_6309646542031413816_o

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