Interview : Noctex Clothing

When I came across Noctex the world stopped for a while. I felt an immediate connection to almost every item in Negin Izad’s online store, and wandered round the pages in a daze. Her designs are unique, adaptable and absolutely spectacular.


When did Noctex come into existence, and what is the story behind the name?
I started Noctex as a vintage store on Etsy on May 2011, because at the time I was working as a vintage buyer and has access to buy vintage to sell. I don’t think I considered Noctex as my own work until March 2012, where I started bringing in hand made accessories and pieces. The name comes from the Latin root ‘noctem’or ‘nocte’ with just translates into ‘night’. The idea of ‘night’ was interesting to me at the time because of the vivid simplicity of how things look in less light, or in a way, less colour. I started playing with the word when I was probably 15, and considered Noctex to be a visually appealing spinoff that wouldn’t interfere with the direct Latin word.

Is Noctex a one woman show, or have you had to get other hands and heads in to help?
I have always wanted to work independently, and Noctex has given me the ability to do that. As Noctex has gotten more attention than I anticipated during my university years, sitting down and sewing every garment by myself quickly became far from reality. I have recently acquired help with the actual production of my clothing items, which are all produced locally in my hometown of Vancouver, BC. This allows me to have fair-trade items and prices, as well as the ability to always know how my end products are made. Other than that, I still handle all the business management, designs, prototypes, and whatever else I can juggle on a daily basis.

Ava Sweater

Axis Dress

Setting up a business can be a slippery slope, and many people have to back out and put dreams to one side. Have you reached up and above what you set out to achieve?
The difficulty with answering that is that I always hold new goals for myself and Noctex. I feel like the further I go with Noctex, the more I aim to achieve. At the same time, I never anticipated that in a little over a year, I would be where I am now.

You’ve collaborated with a number of artists and photographers. Can you please talk about this experience and why collaboration is important to you?
I am always excited to find different sorts of artists and photographers that have as much dedication to their work as I feel I do, especially when they are starting out as young as myself. Collaboration gives me an opportunity to cross over creative boundaries and create an end product with another resourceful and like-minded individual. The overall experience is great because I feel like I can connect with other artists around the globe, and at the same time we help each other grow in our fields.


Baphomet Underwear

What I really admire about your designs is that many of them can be worn in multiple different ways. What made you decide to make multi-wear pieces?
Multi-wear pieces have been something I have been interested in for quite a while now. The idea of making clothing less stagnant and more significant is harder to do every year. It is no news that we live in a world of excess, and for me, multi-wear pieces is a step towards minimizing closets to have pieces that have more meaning and diversity. I was able to play with the idea a bit so far for F/W 2013 and it is a great feeling to know that 3 pieces can arrange in multiple ways.

If you had to choose one item out of your store to keep, what would it be and why?
I would choose the Monaxia Tunic. For me, it is the one piece that can be worn on a daily basis. It can be worn in a variety of ways to stand out, but at the same time has simplicity and comfort.

Sonette Top


What role does music have in your personal life and how does it influence your work?
My music has been such a crucial part of my life for so long now, that I almost forget how influential it is to everything I do. I don’t think I can link my music directly to my work, because music is more so about who I am, and then, who I am gets put into my work. Growing up, listening and exploring various genres of metal gave me the privilege of having an extensive variety of inspirational sounds. The massive amount of sub-genres in metal give me a generous amount of inspiration to search through, and I always find something interesting to allow me to grow.

I really like the fact that you spend time testing all of the garments you make. Can you please talk about how important this process is?
I think testing is what differentiates a good garment from a better garment. You can think up something in your head and think it will look great, but it isn’t until you test it out for yourself that you truly understand the garment. I wouldn’t feel comfortable claiming anything as my own, and selling it, unless I fully believe in its value.

Where are your primary sources of inspiration from?
Currently, I find inspiration in landscapes and architecture, and in a sense, the contrast and balance between nature and what we have built around it.

What is the best working environment for you?
I like to be isolated as much as possible in order to keep a steady train of thought. Working at home for days at a time is best for me, and I find group environments to always distract my sole purpose of my work.

You’re only twenty years old, and are still a student. How does it feel to have achieved so much so young?
I am grateful for the support Noctex has gotten so far, and that I am able to live off of work that I love. Not many people can say that about their careers at any age, let alone 20. Nonetheless, I am the type of person who is always looking to the future. I think the best explanation is that I am my biggest critic when it comes to my work, so when people tell me I have achieved a lot, I tend to look at my work and say ‘Yes, but-‘. I always feel like I should be doing more, because I really do love the work I do.

Where would you like to see Noctex go?
Once I am graduated from my bachelor degree program, I would like to take the time to develop complete seasonal lines for Noctex. I look forward to not having to split my physical and creative energy between my full-time schooling and Noctex.

Where can we find Noctex?
Right now, the official site ( is where you can find all Noctex items. I have only recently opened the possibility of wholesale, and look forward to working with new people in the near future.

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