Reading In The Dark : Kith

You can always tell how much I've enjoyed a book by the number of Post-It-Notes I've stuck inside it. By the time I'd finished reading Kith by Jay Griffiths, practically every page was 'noted.' And this has been a running theme with Griffiths's books. Her previous works, Wild, Pip Pip, and Tristimania have all, in… Continue reading Reading In The Dark : Kith

A Review Of EarthLines Magazine (Issue 5)

‘We stand for a land ethic: for real and deep connections to the land and to places, their inhabitants (human and nonhuman) and their stories.’ (Unknown) Why aren’t their more publications like EarthLines? I can honestly say, hand on heart, that it’s one of the best magazines I’ve ever come across, and I’ve read a… Continue reading A Review Of EarthLines Magazine (Issue 5)