My Favourite Books From 2021 – Part Two

I have hauled myself away from Etsy - where I've been looking at chainmail bras and swords - to write this post. I've lit a candle and put on Darkher's gorgeous new song Lowly Weep in an attempt to focus my fluttering attention span. It's getting somewhat ridiculous now, and it's starting to worry me.… Continue reading My Favourite Books From 2021 – Part Two

Scribd – It Was Too Good To Be True

I was supposed to be writing about Winter today, but as it turns out, I have to interrupt my posting schedule with something that's really pissed me off. I feel I must tell you about it right now because I want to ensure you don't find yourself in the same depressing-as-fuck situation as me. You… Continue reading Scribd – It Was Too Good To Be True