100 Days Of Blogging #4 – Writing Is Why I Do My Life

I’ve been visiting my parents, and today, upon rummaging through one of their bookcases, I found a notebook of mine, gifted to me from them back in 2009.

It’s sparsely filled, predominantly because it’s oddly shaped, so, awkward to write in. But also because, being a fucking massive colour snob, I snubbed it because it’s turquoise. (I know. I’m a dreadful person.)

As I was skimming through the few pages I did fill in, I came across some quotes from the queen of writing advice, Julia Cameron. What she had to say about the place writing has in her life resonated with me as strongly today as it did thirteen years ago.

I’ve just spent a good hour or so fucking around trying to pair the quotes with some gorgeous graphics so you could have the option to save them and use them for something or other, if you so wished.

Eventually it dawned on me, however, that I’m one of those people who prefers having a quote of startling profundity given to me straight, with minimal to no pizazz. So I buried the beautified quotes in the Canva graveyard of unfinished graphic design projects, and went with an absolutely no fucking fuss approach. Don’t get me wrong, there are absolutely times when things should come with all the bells and whistles. This, however, was not one of those times.

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