Weile Weile Waile – New Song From Cave Mouth & The Witches Speak For The First Time

Cave Mouth Cover Weile Weile Waile

I must say, it did feel fitting that Cave Mouth’s first cover was an Irish murder ballad featuring the tale of an old woman in the woods who does abhorrent things with a long, sharp penknife. Listen out for the fiddle at the end. It’s my favourite part.

Cave Mouth Interview With Le Scribe Du Rock

Ever since childhood, I’ve had an affinity for the strange, shadowy and unsettling. I was always the odd one in school, staying in at break time to read ghost stories.I went to a Waldorf school, which was centred on open-mindedness and embracing creativity and nature.

World myth and legends was an intrinsic part of Waldorf schooling, and it was at school where I first became enamoured with Norse mythology and the worlds beyond our own.

Much went on at school, which would, to outsiders, appear to be ‘witchy’ and ‘cult-like,’ with its nature tables, belief in spiritual beings and seasonal celebrations.

Still, I grew up with it and would never have wanted to take a different path. My exposure to this ‘alternative way of being’ shaped me into the person I am today and ultimately feeds into the songs I write.

Interview extract

Meghan and I were honoured that Le Scribe Du Rock wanted to talk to us about our music. Now, if you go ahead and read it, it would appear that I hog the interview, however, Meghan prefers, to hover, much like a ghost, in the background a lot of the time. Come, read, meet the witches.

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