Just So You Know, Some Wyrd Stuff Is Going On

I had planned for this post to be a good ol’ ramble about how social media is treating me since I returned the other day, but I’m saving it for another time. A: because I want to go a full week before reporting on the pitfalls and positives of being back. And B: because I have things to tell you that I’m impatient to share.

Cave Mouth & The Dark Has Teeth

First off, Cave Mouth’s second album The Dark Has Teeth is now, right at this very moment, available on Bandcamp! Along with – in very limited quantities – some patches featuring Hekate and the Barghest, both of whom make an appearance in The Dark Has Teeth.

There’s going to be some extremely limited tapes of our first album HEX going up for sale soon – only 30 exist in the whole world – so those of you who, like me, remain in the dark ages and still have tape players which actually still work, be sure to follow us on Bandcamp for news of when they’re available.


A photograph of mine was used by Slovakian black metal band TEUFELSMAUER for their debut Dogma. It’s a solid-as-fuck release which demands you retire to a darkened room where you can headbang to your heart’s content.

Upcoming Book

This week, I’m embarking on what will probably be the most ambitious book project of my life and I’m going to be sharing what it is with you really soon. A while ago, I made a vow to myself not to talk about projects until they were done, or at least very close to done, but with this, I would like my friends to hold me accountable on creating the very BEST possible book I can. In other words, I request you nag me, and ask how it’s coming along.

My ensemble is something of a clue as to what the book is about. I’m hellishly nervous about taking it on, but my enthusiasm and excitement supersedes my nervousness. By the way, the picture here of me laughing was taken by accident. I had my timer on and I overhead a family member having a conversation about gravy (of all things) and it cracked me up. I thought the picture was also a good representation of how happy I feel about this project. Someone said it looked pretty terrifying. That also made me happy.

Pohjoinen Pimeys

My friend Phil Robinson runs Pohjoinen Pimeys a project devoted to ‘Unearthing the malevolent soundscapes of Finland’s obscure and enigmatic black metal underground…’ In Phil’s words, Pohjoinen Pimeys – or ‘Northern Darkness’ – exists for the sole purpose of supporting (and honouring) the Finnish black metal underground. The objective is simple… To unearth and cast forth the very best these vociferous northern hordes have to offer – permeating your news feed with nefarious cacophonies old and new, as well as the latest news, interviews and reviews.

Phil has unleashed 20 Finnish black metal playlists over on YouTube that are well worth giving some time to. Also, he sent me this most epic shirt which I’m massively proud to wear.

What’s A Bunad?

I wrote about bunad over on my blog The Girl With Cold Hands. I’m working on a much longer piece about Norway’s national costume, because, see, I’m somewhat obsessed and it’s something I simply have to do. It might come as something of a surprise, what with black predominantly colouring my life, but I very much intend to one day own my own bunad. You can see which one I have in mind in my post.

Wyrd Words Book Club

Been here a while and you’ll know much of the past two years were, in many ways, write offs. I started up The Wyrd Words Book Club and stopped being active with it soon after because, well, life stopped for a while. But it’s my intention to start posting on the Facebook page again and starting up conversations about wonderfully wyrd books. I also hope it’ll encourage me to get better with writing in more detail about the books I’ve read and what they meant to me. It’s something I keep intending to do, but always find excuses to skip around it. Not anymore.

A Hex On Your Head

My bandmate Meghan and I are starting a blog together called A Hex On Your Head. We’ll share posts six times a week where we talk about what we’re currently listening to. We also intend to feature reviews and interviews with bands and musicians who inspire us in the coming future too. I already know what I’m going to be sharing for my first post, and it has been exceptionally difficult not to yak about it with you already!

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