For The Sake Of Dark Art – Sophie Lécuyer

Anyone else think this month is going by disturbingly fast? The more I urge February to just slow the fuck down, the quicker it goes. It’s the end of my third week with no social media and I’m breathing easier. I think I’ll write something lengthy about the experience when the end of the month comes around (which will probably happen in the next forty minutes, the way things are going…) but for now I just want to share something from Digital Minimalism by Cal Newport.

“You cannot expect an app dreamed up in a dorm room, or among the Ping-Pong tables of a Silicon Valley incubator, to successfully replace the types of rich interactions to which we’ve painstakingly adapted over millennia. Our sociality is simply too complex to be outsourced to a social network or reduced to instant messages and emojis.”

Cal Newport

Away from the dastardly subject of social media, it’s been a very long time since I’ve looked for dark art for the sake of looking for dark art. I used to spend many happy hours searching for works that I enjoyed that I could give a home to here on Wyrd Words & Effigies. But I can’t remember the last time time I did it.

However today, feeling a bit grotty, I fancied getting lost on Pinterest and unearthing art I enjoyed for the hell of it. I was stabbed with guilt at moments, and with each stab came a voice screeching ‘you’re wasting your time!’ But then I encountered the work of French artist Sophie Lécuyer, and the stabs of guilt stopped coming, and the voice stopped screeching. I’d found something very special.

I followed a trail to her blog where I was greeted with a treasure trove of her pieces from the past several years. I hope you have the time to stop awhile here today and take some joy in her creations.

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