3 thoughts on “Reading In The Dark – The Books I Read In January”

  1. When you mentioned S. Elizabeth’s book in an earlier post, as soon as a I saw the cover I immediately put it on my wish list. Thanks for the peek at the interior. Marjorie Cameron…I read the biography by Spencer Kansa last year. An amazing life, as well as a deeply troubled one. Incidentally, she hated her name, Marjorie. His book doesn’t show much of her art for legal reasons, so I’m glad the Art of the Occult has some! What I listened to while I replied to your post: Moloch – A Journey to the Vyrdin

    1. Ahhhhh!! I hope you love it!!!! 😀 I didn’t put too many pictures of the interior because I think surprises are wonderful. I’m going to have to check out that biography. 🙂 EXCELLENT choice of music!

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