A Year & A Day Magazine

One of the most delightful, uplifting and inspirational things to come into my life in 2020 was A Year And A Day Magazine, predominantly the winter issue, which I’m going to give you a peak into today. (Only a little peak though…it’s always nice to leave some surprises.)

The intent of this Waldorf inspired seasonal children’s magazine is to guide young ones into the inner world of traditional stories and out into the natural world around them. It encourages adults and children to ‘use their natural capacity for imagination, creativity and invention through storytelling, painting, number work, drawing, crafting and writing.’

Every issue contains three stories, 15 story-based activities and several seasonally themed pages with recipes, quizzes and posters, all illustrated in a most quietly beautiful and tender way. One thing that struck me from the get go (after I was finally able to shift my attention from the front cover…does it bring about a wondrous sense of calm in you too?) was the exceptionally high-quality paper that the magazines been printed on. It’s uncoated, so ideal for little ones to draw and write on.

Co-author Lydia Gill said this in an interview with Small Eco Steps: “We wanted to create a magazine that would encourage slow but deep and meaningful learning, and one that would lead children out into the natural world through traditional stories… Each story comes with a range of activities designed to bring children into contact with nature or help them become conversant with the language of the natural world.”

I went to a Waldorf school from the age of seven to fourteen, and leafing through A Year And A Day restored memories which were starting to go hazy around the edges.

While the Yule season may have passed, there’s still some months of winter left, and A Year And A Day is an ideal companion for you and your kids in the times ahead. We’re going to be using the recipe for mulled apple juice this week.

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What I Was Listening To As I Was Putting This Post Together

3 thoughts on “A Year & A Day Magazine”

  1. I’ve been enjoying the music you’ve been writing to. I wanted to say that before I forgot. And I agree, the cover is calming. A beautiful shade of blue and the flying swan, a symbol of story. Stars, the crescent moon, nighttime, the landscape–goodness, it’s all restful. The approach and content of the magazine are appealing, too (and more importantly). I’d like to know how children (and others) respond.

    1. I’m so glad you’ve been enjoying the music! I’ve been filling my days with music recently, and it’s been glorious. The blue of the magazine cover is, as you said, extremely restful. (I love the word restful!) I think I’m going to try and get an art print of the cover so I can put it on the wall in front of my writing desk.

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