Sound Of The Day : Nyrst

I wasn’t expecting to find anything remarkable when I powered up YouTube this morning, but the gods were on my side and thought I was deserving of something a bit special.

Icelandic black metal project Nyrst have, with their song Orsök, conjured up one of the most dynamic and impressive tracks I’ve heard in a long time. Orsök is accompanied by a harrowing yet simultaneously breathtaking video created by Daníel Puskás of Valhalla Art Works. I’ve watched it at least a dozen time already today.

Nyrst’s debut full-length album – also called Orsök – is due for release through Dark Essence Records on the 24th of April.

Photo by: Dániel Puskás.

1 thought on “Sound Of The Day : Nyrst”

  1. I like the dissonance against the more regular notes (or however that should be said, musically). The images are stark and dynamic. They reach.

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