Music To Come Back To Life To

I wanted to tell you about this song three days ago, but every time I sat down to write about it, words failed me. They’re failing me now. Thanks to my depression/medication stealing away my creativity, I’m finding it impossible to express myself. But, I really need to share the song Ei Kuule Emo Minua by Finnish black/folk project Häive.

It helped me to feel a moment of joy, for the first time in months, and I thought there might be someone else out there who needs it as much as I do.

Ei Kuule Emo Minua was featured on a compilation album called One And All, Together, For Home released by Seasons of Mist. It was my favourite track on the album back when it was launched in 2014, and it remains to be my favourite today. I’d love to know what you think of it.

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