Art Of The Company Of Wolves

The Company Of Wolves is my favourite Angela Carter story. (I also love, love, love The Erl-King, The Lady Of The House Of Love, The Werewolf and Wolf-Alice.) I read it for the first time ten years ago and it left me changed. I re-read it last night, and when I was done, it left me changed again. In my opinion, it’s the finest adaptation of Little Red Riding Hood that exists.

“One beast and only one howls in the woods at night.”

The Company Of Wolves

Sinking deep into the rich, gorgeous language shaping the compelling ride of a story is such a treat, SUCH A TREAT! The Company Of Wolves is the sort of story that’s so good, it almost feels forbidden. One of my very favourite parts is when the girl looks outside to where her ‘brothers’ are ‘singing carols.’

“Snow half-caked the lattice and she opened it to look into the garden. It was a white night of moon and snow; the blizzard whirled round the gaunt, grey beasts who squatted on their haunches among the rows of winter cabbage, pointing their sharp snouts to the moon and howling as if their hearts would break. Ten wolves; twenty wolves – so many wolves she could not count them, howling in concert as if demented or deranged. Their eyes reflected the light from the kitchen and shone like a hundred candles.”

The Company Of Wolves

I hope you enjoy the art I’ve collected, and if you know of any other artwork inspired by The Company Of Wolves, please do let me know!

Chris Hagan
Daniel Mackie
Igor Karash
Iro Tsavala
Sidel Sorensen
Peter Strain
Natalie Bulman
Amanda Sartor
Kelsey King

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