Do You Wear Black? Do You Practice Witchcraft? Do You Write? Slice Of The Moon Books Needs You.

I think I failed to mention I launched a press the other week – Slice Of The Moon Books. Better late than never, I suppose! Though you might have found out about it if my previous post about our first publication UTBURD intrigued you enough and you followed the links I planted there.


At Slice Of The Moon Books we think wyrd is wonderful, we bloom best in the dark and we grow stronger with the cold.

We celebrate the macabre, strange and uncomfortable, the curious, peculiar and magical, the outcasts, eccentrics and moon-gazers.

Our door is always open…welcome!

In 2019 Slice Of The Moon Books will be publishing (among lots of other things) two anthologies. ALL BLACK EVERYTHING and MAIDEN MOTHER CRONE. For ABE we’re accepting personal essays, poetry and creative non-fiction on the subject of wearing black.



There’s no minimum word count, so if you can say want you want in a sentence, feel free to do that. If you want to write lots, you’ll have up to 3,000 words to say your piece. The same applies to MMC where we’re looking to accept creative non-fiction, personal essays and poetry on the themes of the maiden, mother and crone figures in witchcraft.

If you’re starting to get interested, I suggest you check our submission page  and I also wrote a blog post including plenty of inspiration to get your creative writing juices flowing. If you have ANY questions at all, please feel free to ask them in the comments box or email me at: I’ll look forward to hearing from you!


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