Sound Of The Day : Galdrammen

A few weeks ago, I received a lovely message from the talented musician behind one of my favourite atmospheric black metal projects Crown of Asteria, and she told me of another venture she had undertaken called Galdrammen. Life has been beyond hectic recently, so it was only today that I managed to sit down and visit the Galdrammen Bandcamp page where I found myself faced with one track entitled Seidhhjallr. Hell, how I wish I’d set time aside earlier.

A deeply meditative and spiritually connective track. The soil can be felt beneath your feet and your ancestors at your back. There is magic here, an ancient primordial essence that conjures images of untouched lands and sacred gatherings. Yr embarks on a journey of bringing one back in contact with nature and the profound energy within. One can feel the cyclic death and rebirth of our lineage with the stars and forests alike. Yr conveys the Runic lore and it may have just shed light on it’s mystery. – Meghan (Galdrammen).

Listen by clicking the image below.



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