365 Days Of Dark Art : 294 / Crystal Morey

The past months my words here have been sparse. My creativity has been elsewhere, and forming sentences worth your time has been challenging, to say the least, without her encouragement. This has been horribly frustrating. Whenever I haven’t been able to convey exactly how an artist’s work makes me feel, well, a little piece of me has died.

But I’ve seen flickers in the dark…my creativity looking out at me. She’s scared and unsure, but I’m coaxing her home, smiling to let her know it’s safe to return.

When I logged into my blog this morning I didn’t intend to write about this issue. I didn’t intend to let on how I’ve been struggling to re-adjust after my mental health started to deteriorate, but when I encountered the work of Crystal Morey I thought it vital that I explain.

I felt an immediate connection with her exquisite, unusual porcelain sculptures, and could hardly bring myself to divert my gaze elsewhere. I thought ‘oh shit, it’s me…’ more than once as I wandered through her portfolio. After reading the artist statement on her website, I felt I had encountered a kindred spirit and am looking forward to following where her work leads from here on.




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