365 Days Of Dark Art : 198 – 224

Hello folks. It’s been a while hasn’t it. Nothing awful has happened, it’s just been vacation time here in Sweden and the Swedes take their vacation time very fucking seriously. Not that that’s a bad thing though, hell, I needed to learn how to relax. I needed to learn how to switch off and not feel as though I needed to document every single breath.

Okay, so maybe something a bit bad did happen…a minor lull in my creativity which almost led to a meltdown, but we creatives are used to those, right? Right. At least I am. They happen a couple of times a year. But scary as shit though aren’t they. I thought that I’d never write another poem or a decent blog post again, and found myself hyperventilating as I scrolled through Facebook for the millionth time thinking I should be writing I should be writing I should be writing I hate Faceook why am I even on here? Urgh. Facebook. I love you. I hate you. Go Away. Come back. NO, FUCK OFF! It’s the same with Instagram. I haven’t been on it properly for weeks and I’m not really missing it to be honest. So much superficial wankery. Who has the best pout or the clearest eyes or the biggest tits or the flattest stomach or the smoothest hair or the most beautifully applied lipstick. Who has the most of this or that or whatever the fucking fuck. It’s so rare that I actually come off Instagram feeling good. I usually feel like snapping my phone in half. Just give me the dark shit, ok. The real dark shit that gets this incredibly slow pulse of mine racing.

Anyway. To the art. To the stuff that actually makes me feel like I want to live on this planet. I’ve decided to post 198 – 224 because I cannot be arsed to do all of those separate posts, and I thought it would be quite cool to have something to really sink your teeth into. Sorry they’re not all beautifully arranged in the same size, but I’m letting it slip for once because life and everything. Enjoy.


198 / Jinn

Drew Mosley

199 / Drew Mosley


200 / Shane Pierce

Jennie Harbour.jpg

201 / Jenni Harbour


202 / Clara Lieu

Tori Schaus

203 / Tori Schaus

Yoshitaka Amano.jpg

204 / Yoshitaka Amano

Thomas Dodd

205 / Thomas Dodd


206 / Anita Erdmann


208 / Brian Mashburn


209 / Christina Coral


210 / Vince Natale

Mizuma art

211 / Mizuma Art

Colin and christine poole

212 / Colin and Kristine Poole

Valarie Hadidia

213 / Valerie Hadida


214 / Susannah Zucker


215 / Nicole Fournier


216 / Katerina Kozunenko

Vilhelm Hammershøi

217 / Vilhelm Hammershøi

Albert-Joseph Pénot.

218 / Albert Joseph Pénot

Fernand Khnopff

219 / Fernand Khnopff

Julius von Klever

220 / Julius Von Klever

Witold Pruszkowski.jpg

221 / Witold Pruszkowski

Eilif Peterssen.

222 / Eilif Peterssen


223 / Lionel Lindsay


224 / Mihály Zichy

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