Voodoo Doll

I’m forever looking for props to use in my photography, but it’s rare that I’ll find something and think YES, THAT! IT’S PERFECT FOR THE WEIRD IMAGERY I WANT TO CREATE! But it happened the other day, and the thing that was PERFECT happened to be a hand crafted Voodoo Doll mask from Etsy store Audious Records, a small, independent company selling avant garde costumes and decorative pieces. I’m hoping it will still be around for a little while so I can save up and nab it.

Shayna Kay Gianas, the woman behind Audious Records  is also responsible for making music and launching her own record label, of which the Etsy store is an extension. I’m just about to check out her music, and the music of the artists she’s collaborated with, and I suggest that after checking out her Etsy store, you do the same!








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