Sound Of The Day : Loth

I would like to apologise for the lack of new Black Metal recently. I was getting disheartened by most of the stuff I was coming across (again) so have been burying my head in Rammstein and Lindemann.

It has been quite nice actually though, as it was a good while since I properly listened to the Rammstein discography. The nostalgia trip did me some good. Oh, and if you haven’t listened to Lindemann yet – side project of Rammstein’s main man Till – I highly recommend it. I’m going to be on the hunt later on, for some new, quality BM sounds, and will report back with what I find over the coming days, so keep an eye out.

Anyway. Loth was the forth or fifth YouTube video I checked out today…and it was the first one which sounded decent. I’m especially impressed with the vocals. Loth is an atmospheric BM project from France and their debut album – also entitled Loth – makes for perfect listening on a rainy, miserable day.

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