Nuit Spring 2016 / Part I

I fall in love with every collection released by Nuit. The Canadian clothing company was established in 2012 by the extremely gifted designer Anastasia Ikonnikova.

From the founding days of Nuit, Anastasia has been producing garments which bring me to tears. When I need a motivation boost, I imagine myself being hugely successful, and able to afford to update my wardrobe on a regular basis with her creations.

Below you’ll find a selection of my favourite pieces. To see everything that’s on offer, head here.

“Our Spring 2016 collection is inspired by the paradox of finding strength in vulnerability. Sheer, aged linens impart an air of history, wisdom and travel. Paper thin cottons and jerseys flow around the body while retaining their own unique character. Light fabrics are draped in arrangements which imbue them with body and presence. The human form is wrapped, protected and delicately revealed all at once, reinforcing the paradox of strength in vulnerability. Our wearer is an independent thinker, traveler, creator whose honest fragility reveals their inner strength.” – Nuit






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