Rosie Anne Photography

Photographer Rosie Anne tells haunting stories with her atmospheric imagery, captured in and among the Black Mountains in Wales, the place Rosie calls home. I have to admit that it’s been a while since I’ve felt such an immediate and strong connection to a photographer’s body of work. Every image that you see below has moved me deeply.

10410293_478457495590882_9215593449561365274_n 10441407_471158999654065_5545063584191247977_n 10453448_514697811966850_8604162279118000708_n 10454381_540957599340871_1387920359092083185_n 10639353_509034462533185_326872954732684013_n 10984093_571647906271840_6671355455693661800_n 11042658_567903329979631_1352825307117541237_n

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