Nutsa Modebadaze

My heart grew exponentially when it was exposed to the work of leather designer Nutsa Modebadze. Her stunning leather bags, footwear and clothes are all expertly sewn and become more beautiful the longer they are used.

10175974_10153005097928808_7609479588167831732_n 10253764_10153005096908808_1475835582093970328_n 10410251_10153047173623808_5389314196560769987_n 10982319_10153132020398808_202539644876023966_n 10985528_10153005097098808_7539027244088828951_n 10985902_10153005096893808_5533099604895943511_n 10994925_10153005097588808_7751840523955319960_n 11008822_10153047155238808_2181182582196140855_n 11081447_10153131071958808_8568677004384734873_n

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