Interview : Sanctus

I was enchanted by the work of Lucinda Sinclair the moment I laid eyes on the Revenant Hoody. The garments she creates have a dark, otherworldly beauty about them.

Mesh Revenant Hoody

Mesh Revenant Hoody

Can you please talk about what inspired you to establish Sanctus and what it offers?

Sanctus was a direct diffusion of my graduate collection, and when I was designing and developing the range I just never wanted it to stop! Sanctus offers exclusivity in a world crowded with the disposable. There are only 50 made of each piece, and disregard the idea of having a wearable expiry date as the collections are not trend led.

I happened upon Sanctus by first coming across your previous venture Fawn and Faith. I’m curious as to why you decided to change names. Also, what was it about the name Sanctus that drew you to it and eventually decide to use it?

An individual who inspired half of Fawn & Faith’s namesake was dubbed as a muse early on in the production of the collection, and after some confusion from others as to who was really behind the brand, I decided to abandon the idea and so Sanctus rose from the ashes so to speak. Despite that, Sanctus and Fawn & Faith’s inspirations are very much in direct correlation with each other. Sanctus means saintly in Latin, and I happened upon it after researching the meaning of my own name – which was ‘bringer of light,’ ‘pure’ and ‘Saint.’

Orbis hoody

Orbis Hoody

You put a 1-50 limit on each design. What inspired this decision, and has the reception from customers been entirely positive?

Absolutely positive – we are so used to the idea of mass production that there is perhaps an assumption that ‘bespoke’ and limited pieces will be unattainable financially as young people. The love for a beautiful garment bought from a high street store will dwindle the more you see others wearing it, and as seasons pass. Knowing there will only ever be 49 others in a piece you’ve lovingly invested in is kind of about being in a collective together – that’s where the idea of ‘The Church of Sanctus’ comes in.

Would you say the clothes you make for Sanctus reflect your personal style?

Yes, and I know not all designers create with themselves in mind, but I can’t help but translate silhouettes and prints I long to exist in the world from my own desire to wear them. I’ve always been interested in symbolism and the wearable display of an ideology, along with fluidly draped garments with pattern cutting that makes you double take as you investigate how it was constructed.

Luctuosa Maxi Dress

Luctuosa Maxi Dress

How important is comfort where your designs are concerned?

Intergal – how awful to wear something you find truly beautiful to then have a constant physical reminder as you move that tells you you’ve sacrificed comfort to look good… You can always have both.

Your research draws heavily on symbolism, and I’m interested to know about your research processes, and what you believe to be the most effective method of gathering ideas for your designs.

I have to say that whilst the internet is an incredible resource, it’s important to look at actual, tactile literature and old illustrated publications to really educate your decision before potentially appropriating something sacred to a group of people. Sanctus has always been about making a comment rather than provoking a potentially offended response, so it’s important to know how to display that by really broadening your knowledge in reading and understanding.


Revenant Hoody

Sanctus was, I believe, established a year ago. Would you say that you’re happy with the progress you’ve made in that time?

It was indeed! A year mid-November. I’m very happy – I feel incredibly blessed to have established a very loyal following in such a short time, and am just eager to carry on building and nurturing the brand.

You recently moved to London. Can you talk about what this move has meant for you on a personal and professional level?

Moving to London has been incredibly overwhelming for me – as a CEO of a brand and as a person! Everything is moving at a much faster pace here, which can be easy to get swept up into and I felt a slight lack of control when I got here. The Winter collection had to take a backseat, for example, as my time became more and more scarce which was heartbreaking for me! However everything is back on track, and I hope to have everything released by Christmas.


Ornatus Bodysuit

Is there anything you can tell us about what you’re currently working on, and what we can expect in 2014?

Right now the Winter Collection is in it’s final stages and should be shot in the next fortnight. I’m incredibly excited to finally release it out into the world! 2014 will bring a new line called ‘Only’ which will feature entirely one-of-a-kind garments.

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