All Black Everything : Wioleth

We celebrate black here…we worship at its alter and turn our backs on it for not one second. In the first post of this new series where I’ll be exploring everything that’s all black, I’d like to introduce you to Wioleth, a 20 year old Instgrammer and fashion/lifestyle blogger from Denmark.

While I’ve been following Wioleth (real name Viola) for a while now, I still haven’t managed to get to grips with the fact that this woman is actually real. She’s one of those types that’s so god damn ethereal that I just can’t handle it.

I’m terribly, outrageously envious of her immaculate skin and that staggeringly beautiful silver hair. I keep telling myself ‘That skin is because she’s barely hit adulthood…your skin was as nice when you were that age all those decades ago, you had your time.’ And ‘You tried to go light with your hair once…you tried and you failed miserably. Just admit defeat.’

Anyway. She’s funny, intelligent and shoots magfuckingnificent self-portraits. Her YouTube videos are enormously watchable (her accent is really something I would die for) and honestly, I think ‘good for her for amassing she a colossal cult following.’ She does the All Black Everything spectacularly on Instagram. Spectacularly.

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